Small size with Low activating voltage. Various way of installation: Wire, thru hole, surface mount, or panel mounting. Washable and high temperature resistive. AC or DC input
Versatile kind of sound generator. Loud output. Available for different tone nature. AC or DC input. Popular in range from medical devices to security solution
Key component of a phone. High sensitivity and wide frequency range
PZT system of ceramic material. Fundamental of Piezo Type of buzzer. Typical for atomizer, parking sensor, sound generator and alarm
Miniature. Wider and flatter frequency range for sound reproduction. Available for wire and SMD type
Electret type, which is permanently electrically charged or polarized. Polarizing voltage not needed. Long-term stability and ultra-flat response. Soul of communication devices. Noise cancelling, Uni or omni-directional for your options
1. Distribution of TCO glass for solar system
2. OEM solutions
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